Seacombe West Regenerative Project

Seacombe West will create Nunduk, a new luxury spa retreat using regenerative and sustainable principles. The proposed land for this project is located on the southern shores of Lake Wellington in Gippsland, Victoria.

The project will be a multifaceted development currently planned to be 6 star Greenstar, including using geothermal for spas and associated agricultural activities as well generating it’s own power and water and taking care of its waste. This project aims to address the three pillars of sustainable development to provide positive environmental, social and economic outcomes.

The site is significantly degraded from salt water entering the Gippsland Lakes system and the degradation is continuing rapidly. The development plans to use a touch lightly approach preserving significant and valuable habitat and regenerate some degraded areas to create land with improved ecological value. Lifted above the salt layer this land will bring back a broader diversity and vitality to the natural environment.

Nunduk Spa Retreat elements:

Employment opportunities; health & wellness tourism (therapeutic & recreational), geothermal & renewable energy systems, water, infrastructure services, retail, construction & more…
Improved ecosystems
Indigenous stories and values
Water sensitive urban design
Active Research
Recreation facilities

Nunduk Spa Retreat Video

This 2019 video is a representation of the proposed Nunduk Spa Retreat to be built in association with the Regenerative Development site on the shore of Lake Wellington.

Regeneration Project Video

This 2016 video footage depicts the existing site selected to be the first Regenerative Development site in Australia. The Regenerative design process selected to deliver ongoing positive economic, social and environmental outcomes for the site and wider Gippsland Lakes region.

Seacombe West elements under investigation:

geothermal energy (health spas, agriculture and associated)
modular building processes & agricultural & associated industries

layout of landscape to inform the built environment

transportation modes (eg. electric vehicles) and services supply (renewable energy and water)

active research opportunities; multiple types of carbon sequestration, optimum services integration, emission free transportation, etc.

Seacombe West

The proposed land for the Seacombe West Regenerative project is on the southern shores of Lake Wellington, in Gippsland, Victoria. Seacombe West is located half way between the Port of Sale to the west and Paynesville to the east the perfect location to activate the currently underutilised and largest asset in the Gippsland lakes.

Regenerative design

The Seacombe West site is significantly degraded as a result of salt water entering the Gippsland Lakes system in the late 1800s. The conservation approach is failing in this region with disastrous results for land stability, diversity and the overall ecological health of the system. We will apply regenerative design processes to this important piece of land to return biodiversity, vibrancy and ongoing benefits to Lake Wellington and surrounding lands.

Management Team

James Troedel

Project Director
Seacombe West

Harry Troedel

Project Manager

Seacombe West

Craig Jones

Finance Manager

Seacombe West

Design Team

Alex Meadowcroft

Seesaw Brand Manager

Anita McArthur
Creative Director / Partner - Seesaw Strategy / Brand / Design
Brenda Wathall

Photographer @RayBrendaWathallPhotography

Carolina Camacho

Ontoit Advisory & Project Management Consultant

Chris Arms

Water Engineer from CJ Arms and Associates

Cristina Hernandez


Head of Biodiversity Sensitive Design

David Provis

Senior Principal Oceanographer from Cardno

Infrastructure and Environmental Services

David Ritter

Associate Director from Atelier Ten

Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Consulting

Dr Amir Kivi

Dr Amir Kivi
Director GeoFlow Australia
Goethermal heating & Cooling

Dr Dominique Hes

Director of the Thrive Research Hub, Melbourne School of Design, Melbourne University

Elly Russell

TCL Senior Landscape Architect

Emily Wrigglesworth

Communications Advisor Wrigglesworks Consulting @wrigglesworks

Graeme Beardsmore

Geothermal Energy Consultant   President Australian Geothermal Association, Technical Director Hot Dry Rocks Ltd

Jason Bank

Director Lean Energy

Energy Efficiency, Renewable power and storage solutions

John Piper

Cardno Geotechnical Senior Principal

Jose Alfano

Alfano Architecture

Lead Architect

Marco Furlan

Ontoit Advisory & Project Management Consultant

Matt Mudge

Cardno Transport Planner

Nerissa Broben

Seacombe West Cultural Research

Nick Glasson

Principal from Cardno – Infrastructure and Environmental Services

Civil Engineering Solutions

Paul Paton

      Gunai / Monero Person                       Dinadj Consulting Aboriginal Cultural Advisor

Perry Lethlean
Peter Harbour

Water Sustainability Scientist from Eco Harvest Pty Ltd

Ray Wathall

Photographer @RayBrendaWathallPhotography

Scott Adams
Tess Younger

Seesaw Brand Manager

Contributing Researchers

Andre Stephan

University of Melbourne

Behzad Rismanchi

University of Melbourne

Brian Dunbar

Colorado State University

Cristina Hernandez


Deloitte Access Economics

Regional Economic Impact Assessment

Greg Jenkins

University of Melbourne

Hemanta Doloi

University of Melbourne

Jane Toner

Biomimicry expert

Kerryn Wilmot

University Technology Sydney – UTS

Lu Aye

University of Melbourne

Mark Luther


Massoud Sofi

University of Melbourne

Michael McGowan

Process Improvement Consultant

Nicholas Williams

University of Melbourne

Ole Fryd

University of Melbourne

Robert Crawford

University of Melbourne

Sebastian Thomas

University of Melbourne

Sheridan Blunt


Tanja Beer

University of Melbourne